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You know how it goes with diets. You stick with them for a while, but then buckle and crack open that bag of Funyuns. What’s the central problem here? Correct, you don’t really believe in what you’re doing. You’re trying to lose weight for all the wrong reasons. Maybe you see slimmer people in magazines. Or maybe you’re hoping to emulate a brother who is fitter. But that doesn’t really mean anything to you.

Okay, here’s the Good News – this problem is not insurmountable. Something I read the other day turned me on to the world’s only perfect diet. A guy in Utah went on a hunger strike to protest a judge’s decision to allow same-sex marriage in Utah. Yes, this guy got smart and connected his weight-loss regimen to his belief system. Connect to something like that, and you’re not backing down. It’s a brilliant concept.

What have the results been so far?

The guy has lost 26 FREAKIN’ POUNDS in only two weeks!! Before you know it he’ll be snapping selfies on a beach somewhere in a tiny, euro-style speedo. And the rest of us will be jealous beyond belief.

I’d challenge anyone to get those kinds of results eating nothing but sand using the South Beach Diet.

Yes, I think the Prisoner Of Your Own Beliefs Diet is the wave of the future in weight-loss.

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6 thoughts on “Diet Innovation”

  1. I can testify that this works. I put on the boxing gloves and put a pic of Jon Jovi on the bag. One time I spent 68 straight hours hitting that bag so success all the way.

  2. I always liked the diet where you have a gorgeous young woman meet you at your house every morning, saying “If you catch me, you can have your way with me!” Then when you get fit enough to give her a challenge, an ugly woman comes to your door and says, “If I catch you, I can have my way with you!” As you said, it’s all about proper motivation!

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