Dog Days of Award Season

News outlets this morning flashed  pictures of stars who didn’t win the Golden Globe award last night. The photos displayed captions such as “the most awkward didn’t win” face. There were twice as many photos of the “losers” as there were of the “winners”  No one even knows if these people who lost were truly upset because as we all know it’s an honor just to be nominated.  Is it possible the media portrayed them as sore losers just to entice the public into clicking on their sites and increasing their viewer numbers? Why that would be a tad misleading, and I cannot believe the media would do that!  In case this strategy works, we have our own photos of losers from the Canine Award Circuit, and we are posting them on HumorOutcasts to see if these award wannabes will boost our numbers too.  Here are photos of stars who were passed over for the big awards.

First up, the star who is in absolute SHOCK that he didn’t win:

upset pug







Next, the ANGRY Diva who has just fired everyone from her agent to her hair stylist.

angry dog







And lastly,  The face or whatever of TOTAL DESPAIR which leads to bad behavior to dull the pain. Yeah, who hasn’t been here?


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12 thoughts on “Dog Days of Award Season”

  1. If Kristen Stewart had half as much expression in her face as ANGRY Diva, I might not want to get sick, when I see her!

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