Endless Debate


Recently Bill Nye (The Science Guy) debated Ken Ham, the head of the Creation Museum in Kentucky. The topic of debate was Creationism versus Evolution. Before the debate started Mr. Ham stated:

“…the majority of people out there, they’re interested in this topic, they want to know about this, they don’t want debate shut down.”

Since there’s apparently a chance that some mysterious force is going to come in like a school teacher and try to silence us, I’d like to add my input.

Think about one of those hell-weeks at work. You’re in the office till midnight each day, grinding away at a deadline. You’re not done by Friday, so you work all of Saturday as well. You put in six grueling days with barely any time to sleep.

So Sunday rolls around. You finish the initial draft of your project and hit the “Send” button. Do you then say “Man, I could just keep going!”? Of course you don’t. You delegate any remaining tasks to someone else, preferably an intern looking to score points. And then you go down to the Azteca Restaurant And Bar with a co-worker and get loaded.

So here’s what I think happened – God spent six looong days getting the job started. Nearing collapse on Day 7, he said “Jesus, that was rough, I could really use some help. Hey, that’d make a great name for a child.”

So God didn’t “rest” on Sunday – he bailed. He handed the rest off to Evolution, the new intern.  And over millions of years he/she/it has shown that they’re good enough to get the job done (if you ignore all forms of violence, including Donald Trump’s hair).

I think the Creationists and the Evolutionists are both partly right (and wrong). I know that doesn’t help sell science books or tickets to a religious museum facing financial difficulties. It doesn’t allow you to feel like you’re on the winning team. But it does give you hope that this tired old debate might somehow end one day.

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8 thoughts on “Endless Debate”

  1. Personally, I see no reason why I can’t read the Bible and learn about REAL science at the same time, including Evolution. God could have just created everything the way it is now and left it at that. Instead, God made things complex, changing and really interesting. That is SO cool!

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