Everybody needs a friend

I don’t have any funny today folks and I don’t want any. Some might know this story and some may not. For those who think there’s no love in this world, think again:


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14 thoughts on “Everybody needs a friend”

    1. I’ve often wondered why diamonds are a girl’s best friend yet a dog is man’s best friend.

    1. I’m not gonna lie Deb, I think there’s a heart somewhere deep inside the Y. Now we may never know exactly where it is but for one brief, fleeting moment yesterday, I felt!

    1. BTW, I made a slideshow presentation of the pets of our church members. I used “You’ve Got A Friend” (James Taylor version) as the background music.

    1. Ah that Bill Y of yesterday is nowhere to be seen today Don Don’s. I don’t even recognize him!

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