Farce The Nation


Last week Mitt Romney appeared on the news show Face The Nation. I’ve always wondered why they picked that name for the show. Perhaps a lot of guests drop into their chairs and then look toward the background, away from the camera. And this forces the host to bark “No, you’re supposed to face the nation!!”

Anyways, I was really interested in what Romney had to say. I never pass up the chance to watch a person who lost an election talk about what the winner is doing wrong. Romney was on the show to critique President Obama’s handling of the crisis in Ukraine. He claimed that Obama could have prevented the current situation with Ukraine and Crimea if he had used better judgment.

This is a short excerpt of what Romney said on the show:

“I’ve run for President twice, so I know a thing or two, and not just about losing. Now, what do we know about Russia? We know that they’re eventually going broke. So what I’d have done as President would be to call up Putin. And I would’ve told him “Listen, if you hold off on the invasion, we’ll set up a secret bank account for you in the Cayman Islands. We’ll put twenty-million bucks in it and you can keep the deal a complete secret. No one will know and you won’t have to pay any taxes on it. And if you need help moving the funds around undetected, just call me up. I know the ropes on all that stuff.”

Watching Romney’s interview made me realize just how bad everyone else’s judgment is as well. We totally screwed up in 2012. But whatever, I’m moving on. I can’t wait for next week’s interview with former US Ambassador John Bolton:


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  1. I’m afraid I don’t know these people you speak of. Well, I had a beer with Obama when he was over here but that dude in the second picture has impressive whiskers.

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