Freedom Fighters


We humans like to think we understand the world, which shows just how ignorant we are. We especially miss the boat with animals. We think different species avoid each other and only interact when it’s time to do some killing. But that’s an accurate description of the Sunnis and the Shiites, not creatures of the wild.

Think about the reaction when someone posts a picture of a bird hitching a ride atop a hippo. Or when a tiger and a poodle become best pals at a rehabilitation center. We gaze in awe and disbelief at something that “just isn’t supposed to happen.”

I thought of this after reading an article about a truck full of live chickens that flipped on a rural road in Southern California. The chickens were being shipped in from a farm in Mexico (without papers, which technically makes them illegals). But border security isn’t our concern here.

Sometime after dark a deer ran onto the highway. The driver swerved and flipped the truck. Note the chosen time and location. This was no accident.

150 chickens got away. Most of the chickens didn’t, which probably caused the deer to have a Schindler’s List moment where he (she?) wondered if they could’ve done more. But the report I read kept referring to the incident as an “accident,” proving once again how little we really know.

The deer survived. And what does that suggest? Yup, that that the driver was in on it as well. He probably worked undercover for PETA.

I’m not fooled at all.

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8 thoughts on “Freedom Fighters”

  1. I happen to be in agreement. The only animals that truly are out to destroy and maim are goats. The rest of the animal kingdom is in perfect harmony, including Big Foot. It’s no coincidence that Big Foot has never been captured. The fucking raccoons have always kept a lookout. Everybody should know that. And really, besides monkeys, humans are the only ones who continually throw shit at one another. You sir, are a scholar.

  2. Illegal immigrant chickens. Devastatingly devious deer. A Class A rig operator in on the take. All this needs is a couple of A list stars and a driving soundtrack and you’ve hit Hollywood Pay Dirt, baby!

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