Friday Humor Devotional

Honey, please don’t circumcise the cake until I put the icing on!

Dear Lord, please give me the strength and wisdom to explain to my alternative medicine, natural healing enthusiast wife that switching my jock itch powder with a holistic remedy of baking soda, crushed cloves and flour doesn’t help my scratching, it only encourages me to make baked goods shaped like penises, Amen.

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8 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

  1. Can the baked goods that look like penises be wrapped in condoms? That way, none of the ingredients will eh, seep through!

    1. Great suggestion Bill. Always keep our cakes safe from yeast infections. 😉

  2. There might be a whole market for those cakes among people who are into old Mesopotamian fertility rites. 😉

    1. Yes Kathy or maybe people who like phallic baked goods with lots of icing lol!

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