Friday Humor Devotional

Oh, okay!  Now I get it!

Dear Lord, please remind our granddaughter’s lovely teenage friend who graciously offered to make us pizza for dinner.  When the directions say remove the plastic from the frozen pizza then place in oven, it means to remove it from the box as well, Amen.


Thanks Caitlin for being my inspiration for the first Friday Humor Devotional of 2014!

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8 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

    1. From what I understand Kathy, they’re tasty,quite filling and no calories! I think I’ve found my new diet!!

    1. Yep Mark like they say “And a child shall lead them” even if they catch our stoves on fire!

  1. I think this teenager is massively ahead of the pack or whatever a group of teenagers is called. This world is just about ready for “Pizza In a Box” and the tagline on the box would read “Bung the box in the oven, take it out and eat it”. The kid is a genius!

    1. Genius indeed Bill! Just think of the time it’ll save not to mention the dose of daily fiber you’d be adding to your diet from the cardboard!!

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