Friday Humor Devotional

You kids better behave. Remember, grandpa can kick you without getting up.

Dear Lord, please tell my dad that removing his prosthetic leg, glass eye and false teeth won’t get him an AARP Zombie Apocalypse Senior Citizen’s discount, but it will keep the kids well behaved and scared shitless when he comes over to babysit, Amen.

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10 thoughts on “Friday Humor Devotional”

    1. He’s certainly one of a kind Kathy! He must be popular with the ladies because his leg had autographs all over it! lol

    1. Me too he’s got his priorities straight and can stand on his own one foot! Unfortunately we only see one eye to eye, lol!

  1. Now I don’t know what an AARP Zombie Apocalypse Senior Citizen’s discount is but it sounds damn cool and I want one,

    By the way, I made duct tape, not God!
    I’m wearing my own brand in my pic there, just to the left.

    1. It’s an awesome discount Bill. All you need is an artificial appendage that can be removed at will and duct tape . . . you’re half way there!!

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