Hit the road Mac

When I was a baby, I couldn’t talk with words. This was so frustrating because I’ve always been massively opinionated so it’s important that you know what I think about stuff. This was never more evident than the first time that my folks brought me to McDonald’s. I immediately didn’t like the so-called food. I didn’t have the capacity to say what I was thinking but the artist in me, gestured in no uncertain terms that I wanted to get out of that place as quickly as possible:


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7 thoughts on “Hit the road Mac”

    1. I know it runs on oil and if the type of underhanded individual who syphons fuel from someone else’s McCar, well that’s what the straws are for!

  1. McDonalds should manufacture kiddie cars that look like that. The kids would be happy to have something to wheel around in, and it would be good advertising. 😉

    1. If they steal your idea, you just let Bill Y know about it or at least save me one of those cool cars please!

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