How Do We Approach The Stuck Zipper?

Feeling Stuck?
Feeling Stuck?


How we deal with a stuck zipper can tell us about how we deal with not moving forward.

Years ago, my tailor, a 6 foot elder Ukrainian woman, former ballroom dancer, scolded me, “You have to treat a zipper like a baby. Gentle and thoughtful.”

That’s not how I used to approach the zipping and unzipping of them (zippers not babies!) and in turn, they frequently got stuck.

Think about how you approach the zipper. How do you feel when it does get stuck? Do you stress about it and fervently work for it’s escape from it’s restraint or do you take a step back, analyze and approach it with thought?

Next time your zipper gets stuck, reflect on what is holding you back in life, take a deep breath and work it out with small thoughtful steps, just like the first ones a baby takes.



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