HumorOutcasts Radio – Interview with Kristen & Forrest Brakeman

HumorOutcasts. jpgThis week I had the pleasure of interviewing two HumorOutcasts writers who also happen to be married. Both Kristen and Forrest Brakeman are in the humor/comedy business.

Kristen has been published in the Huffington Post, the New York Times Motherlode, Washington Post, CS Monitor, Working Mother Magazine, Scary Mommy, LA Parent, and others.  In her spare time,(HA HA)  Kristen works on comedy and award show shows.   Follow her on Twitter at @SandwichGenMom

Forrest is a former stand-up comedian and half of the ancient comedy team of Proops & Brakeman.  After training with the Groundlings, he founded the improv comedy group Los Angeles Theatresports where he performed and served as Co-Artistic Director.  Forrest has performed at The Comedy Store and The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, The Punch Line and Cobb’s Pub in San Francisco, and has appeared on The Tonight Show and The Sunday Comics.  His essays have been published in the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Daily News, NPR and the Chicago Cubs Yearbook (you heard me). You can follow Forrest on Twitter @Fobrake.

To hear the interview, click the link on their names below!

Kristen & Forrest

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