I give the couple in this David’s Bridal commercial a year.

Regarding weddings, I have two pet peeves.

The first is people who do stunts during the nuptials, like dancing down the aisle and recording it or lighting their dress on fire.

The second is people who just assume that the entire day is all about the bride, that it doesn’t take two to make a marriage work, just a really kick-ass 24 hours for the Mrs.

So based on this second pet peeve, one can see why I especially hate this new David’s Bridal commercial entitled, “The Invisible Man.” Over narration, the groom tells the audience that the day is not about him. No one is looking at him. Basically, it doesn’t even matter whether he’s there or not.

“I’m not the reason people cry or get all emotional. I’m the invisible man, a mere cog in the wheel in this carefully choreographed extravaganza.”


If this is the case, why don’t weddings just start involving the bride and no groom? Like some sort of New York Fashion Week—nothing but dresses and photo opps. Give the people what they want!

I actually feel bad for the groom in this ad. Why can’t he share the day in the spotlight with his future wife? Why does it have to be all about what she’s wearing? Has anyone looked at how good he looks in a tux? Damn.

New research says that 25 percent of couples report that technology and the iPhone negatively affect their relationship. But maybe it’s all about the dress.

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5 thoughts on “I give the couple in this David’s Bridal commercial a year.”

  1. Most grooms actually prefer it that way; they just want to get it over with. I actually did ask my wife if she could just do the thing herself while I kicked back and waited for the reception, but she was not receptive.

  2. I don’t know about other grooms, but I certainly felt like the wedding was for the bride and, especially, her mother. But starting with the wedding night, the roles became more equal!

  3. “First comes love, then comes David’s”??? So the groom uses David’s to substitute for him in bed? Get the f–k out of here.

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