I Happen To Like Eye


There’s a lady boxer with the last name Eye
Can’t erase her from my mind, even if I try
I’d pick her for my team and no one asks me “Why?”
I’d say just to screw things up, I wants to play wit Eye
They’d say “Who?” “I happen to like Eye”
“Whoa, you’re getting deep!” will be always their reply
Sounds a bit narcissistic, will be their fervent cry
Sorry, can’t help it, I happen to like Eye
Eye will knock your block off, better keep your eye on Eye!

Jessica “Evil” Eye, she’d make a Marine turn shy
With her round house kicks, which she lands like a guy
Will send you back to the future, like Marty McFly
You’ll wake up in a daze with your brain asking why?
She heats up in the ring like it’s summer in Dubai
She’ll make your whimper “Mommy” become a full blown cry
It’s like you’re trapped in the hood, corner of Bed & Stye
You’ll wake up in a daze with your brain asking why

After all this you’re wondering why I try
To post a little poetry on a boxer I call Eye
You think it’s cuz I jus messin’ wit you, Sly?
Naw, it ain’t all that. I just happen to like Eye
Like onions with pastrami, topped both ends with rye
Some things ya like, some things don’t fly
Some times you wrong, some times you sigh
Some times you wonder why
But here it’s simple: I just happen to like Eye

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