I’ve Changed.

I’m a sorry excuse of an individual. Back in the day, my dog and I used to bark at those hipsters with their complete lack of understanding of irony. Slim Shady would bark “get out of that garden you hippy” and I would shout “the music I like is good. Just because I like it doesn’t mean you have to dislike it, you hippy”. When I started shouting at them, I had no beard but by the time I was finished, I was auditioning for Santa Claus in all the department stores. Those were the days. These days, I’ve changed. These days I find myself helping the young upcoming hipsters by giving them tips about their typewriters:



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14 thoughts on “I’ve Changed.”

  1. I received a portable manual typewriter for my high school graduation, and I brought it to college with me.

    I’m so glad I don’t have to do that any more.

    By the way, I miss the smell of mimeograph ink more than the smell of white-out, but white-out will do in a pinch.

    1. I had three portable manual typewriters — wore the first two out! But I still do have all three, just in case the power ever goes out. That’s my excuse, anyway.

    2. I’ve never used a typewrite but I would probably like the sound of those old large typewriters. I could get into a rhythm of the noise of the keys.

  2. My typewriter didn’t have a self correcting ribbon so I had to us White Out, which explains many of my mental disorders. Oh how I miss that smell!

  3. I used to take my manual typewriter to my job as a security guard. But first, being a security guard probably removes the hipster angle, and second, they didn’t have laptops back then.

      1. Actually, it was more like desperation — to sell writing so I could stop being a security guard. Instead, I got a higher paying job in a factory where I couldn’t use a typewriter at all … big mistake.

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