Justin Bieber Busted

bieberJustin Bieber was arrested for drunk driving, driving without a valid license and resisting arrest after police pulled over the 19-year-old pop star for street racing in Miami Beach, Florida. Bieber told officers he drank, smoked pot and took prescription meds before he got in the car. I have to say that this young star really let me down. I am so disappointed in him. If he were a true superstar, he would have had a hooker in the backseat too.  The youth of today have no respect for those who went before them.

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14 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Busted”

  1. People in Miami should be especially wary. I’ve been telling them, this is what you get for letting immigrants run wild in our country. Darn Canadians.

  2. I’m not sure if it’s due to lack of sleep but when I look at that picture, I swear I can see him turning into Miley Cyrus!

  3. Yes he’s a spoiled brat and yes he thinks he’s above the law but . . . both of you look absolutely fabulous in red. 😉

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