Karmic Boomerang

By: Sam Howzit

Two weekends ago, my husband suggested we go to a nearby Friendly’s for breakfast.  Our server was quite young—late high school or early college age. Anyway, when she brought the check at the end of the meal, she included a “senior” discount to the check.  I, being a woman and a sort of crazy writer type, was appalled.  My husband, being the engineer and not a crazy writer type, was tickled pink.  He laughed off the incident reveling in the knowledge that he had three dollars in his wallet he didn’t think he would have.

I texted my daughter with the words, “HOW OLD DO I LOOK? FRIENDLY’S GAVE US A SENIOR DISCOUNT!”

Sensing my desperation because she possesses great intuition and well, I wrote the message in all caps, she replied, “You do not look old enough for a senior discount. You are nowhere near the age of a senior discount.  I bet Dad liked it though.”  (That’s the intuitive part)

I felt better but I did buy a face mask and new wrinkle cream on the way home.  After a few days, my fragile ego bounced back,  so when my husband suggested another Friendly’s breakfast a week later, I consented.  I know he was looking forward to the discount and I was looking forward to someone else cooking.

This time, our waiter was older than God.  He greeted us with the words, “What can I get you kids?”  My husband could not hide his disappointment, and I couldn’t resist gloating. I leaned over and said,

“Sometimes Karma works quickly and sometimes Karma works slowly, but either way, it almost always a bitch. Pay the man.”


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15 thoughts on “Karmic Boomerang”

  1. My twin’s response was the correct answer. However, I am a slave to my AARP card when it comes to Dunkin Donuts. . . I’ll have a free glazed jelly please! 😉

  2. Donna, you are still a youngster and you look like one. You would have to fight me for a senior discount.

    You know you have finally crossed over the hill when you ASK for a senior discount and nobody bats an eyelash.

  3. At the movies, you get the senior discount at 55. It’s pretty sizable. But, still I expect an argument, always. Always, and I have my I.D. at the ready.

    But, lately, no arguments, no questions. That’s when you know you can’t have it both ways. That, and being 70.

  4. A tradition Jill Y, Scurvy Jane, Thirsty Dave and I have each Christmas is going shopping on the weekend before the big day,. We usually do some shopping, have something to eat half-way through the day, continue shopping and finish up having some Irish Whiskeys. Last time out, we ordered 4 Irish Whiskeys and the girl making them hadn’t a clue what she was doing so I told her how to make them. When we got our drinks, there was far too much whiskey in the mix so I ordered 24 more. Unfortunately our inexperienced waiter somehow learned the correct dosage and the rest of the drinks weren’t as much fun as the first round. Thirsty Dave was not impressed. It’s the thought of getting a bargain that drives us on!

  5. The kids can’t judge age very well. Anyone over 30 is a senior. And I am terrible at judging the age of any kid. I would card every one of the little buggers. Part of life’s circle I guess.

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