Laugh at life.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that man-eating sharks are not dangerous. Other dangerous things that you might not be aware of include shopping in places that are not online – too easy to get lost in the shop and online dating – Svetlana the 21-year-old model from Russia is really Dave, the 68-year-old founder of the Scottish Batman Fan Club whose hobbies include hanging out in naturist resorts wearing nothing but a cape. The most dangerous thing that can happen to anyone is to lose their sense of humor. If you wake up one day and your sense of humor has passed on, make sure you give it a decent farewell:


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13 thoughts on “Laugh at life.”

    1. It happens me with Bon Jovi hatred. You think you’ve got rid of it all but it just keeps on coming back like a boomerang or a magnet or something!

        1. You guys are involved in some sort of word-witchcraft and I can’t afford to get mixed up in any more cults so I’ll just applaud from here.

  1. There are times I wish I could LMAO. I’m not fond of the size of my ass and would love to laugh it off!!

    1. I once LMAO and it took a Mormon, a menthol cigarette and the cynicism of an old Peruvian woman to get it back so be careful what you wish for!

    1. Now that would be funny to us Don Don’s but the clowns probably do that so often that they would prefer something different!

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