Mall Parking –What Are Those White Lines For Again?

A huuuuuge Jagoff pet peeve here… mall parking!   I would just love to approach this driver.

And if I did, here’s how I envision the driver responding: “Wait!  What are those white things on the ground again?  Oh, they are lines?  Sorry, I’m not used to these line-thingies cuz, when I USUALLY come to Jo-Ann fabrics for some scrapbooking supplies, I normally just pull in at the curb in front of the store and put my 4-way flashers on cuz I’m only gonna be a MINUTE!!!

Yeah, either that or this is the old man, who dropped off the scrapbookin’ Mrs. at the front door (while everyone waited behind him) and now he is poised in the “Emergency Response” position for when she comes out with her arms full of glue sticks and bingo cobbers!

So hey big guy, I realize it may take ya an extra 1.5857 minutes to park how the REST OF US HUMANS DO (who also have important things to do) but, how about squeezing the hobby-supply-rig IN BETWEEN the white lines, next time, YA JAGOFF!


 (By the way – I’m guessin’ this will be the SAME person that has NO CLUE what the up-aisle and down-aisle arros are for!!)


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3 thoughts on “Mall Parking –What Are Those White Lines For Again?”

  1. Sometimes people with fancy new cars will park right on the center of a white line, so no one will ding their nice new car. That’s when my nice, small, narrow little car comes in really handy … all I need is enough room to squeeze out, when I can position myself to see their faces when they find another car parked an inch from theirs.

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