Massively Confusing Error Messages

Yesterday, I didn’t tell you about the very unusual, specific Windows error messages I’ve been getting. The messages are personal and seem to be picking on me. Without going into a long story, I obtained a copy of an expensive program without using money. No sooner had I started the program, than the following flashed up on my screen:


I started to panic and attempted to purchase the program but as you can see from the message, the ‘Purchase’ option wasn’t highlighted. I pressed it a few times anyway, hoping it would work and next of all, this one appeared:


I wanted to apologise but the message wouldn’t let me choose that option and I began to sweat. I just wanted to be left alone. A couple of seconds later, I get this one:


I wanted to send a cheque but the message didn’t give me that option. At this stage I didn’t know what to do so I just turned the computer off. This is the first time I’ve turned it on since then and I am bricking it.

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6 thoughts on “Massively Confusing Error Messages”

    1. The fear factor is definitely working with me. I went out and bought a new computer because of it. Now to copy the SW to the new computer!

    1. It’s probably best if I try to use it in a sentence: When Bill Y turned on his computer after downloading software illegally, he was convinced that some sort of legal proceedings would be brought against him again and he was bricking it so much that he didn’t even realize that Bon Jovi had broke-up.

  1. Poor Bill Y! You have been cyber extorted! I would go to the police but then they know you downloaded a program you should have paid for and then I might have to fly to Dublin and bail you out and I don’t know what that entails in Ireland and do I get beer?

    1. You won’t get be allowed into the country without beer. We’re a massively welcoming people but you have to bring beer. It would be rude not to!

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