Jill Y’s friend Jessica is friends with a sister of Carmel’s sisters friend. She was telling her that she didn’t want her kid to be eating any of that McFast food stuff so she decided to show her a scary McClown feeding a kid with  junk food. Bill Y is massively impressed with this inventiveness and is going to paper the room of his imaginary daughter with the same picture. Sleep tight my beautiful imaginary daughter, sleep tight:


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15 thoughts on “McScared”

  1. I’ve brainwashed my kids into hating McDonald’s and they go around telling classmates how “McNuggets have lighter fluid in them”, but for the classmates who learn better visually, this artwork really would help the cause. So thank you.

      1. That part is real, or at least used to be–according to Michael Pollan’s “Omnivore’s Dilemma.” Just another reason Ronald is already scary enough. I only arm my kids with cold facts.

    1. Not quite sure but I do know you can get a “Red Curly Afro Wig Afro Clown Ronald McDonald Fro New” on Amazon right now.

    1. I was thinking of taking it a little further and showing her the ingredients after the’ve eh, “left” the McClowns’ body! I know, it’s not graphic enough but sure every littler bit helps!

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