Mind = Blown

We’re not the type to let things bother us too much. We take things in our stride and prefer to kickback to some chill out sounds, reading Paulo Coelho while exercising our Zen like minds. Okay, that’s not exactly true. We listen to ‘The extremely humorless, non-violent midget’s”, read comics and mock the bejesus out of each other while drinking cider but that’s not my point. All I’m saying is that we’re fairly relaxed folk and rarely become perplexed. That is until we received an email the other day. The email contained an image which turned our world upside down 180° style. Because we’re a caring and sharing collective, we’re going to reproduce that very image for you. Prepare for your mind to be taken on a journey to a place never visited before:


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10 thoughts on “Mind = Blown”

  1. Is it okay? Is it a man on his back? Is it a man on his side? Okay … man on back … man on side. Okay … man on back … man on side.

    Please, sir, don’t put the straitjacket on me. I’ll go quietly.

      1. Thirsty Dave has one of those slightly curved cell phones and I can tell you now that I haven’t got a clue if he’s on his back or his side!

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