Monachousaphobia – Fear of Penguins (maybe)

Wikipedia explains what a nun is:

A nun is a woman who has taken vows committing her to a spiritual life. She may be an ascetic who voluntarily chooses to leave mainstream society and live her life in prayer and contemplation in a monastery or convent. The term “nun” is applicable to Catholics – both eastern and western traditions – Orthodox Christians, Anglicans, Lutherans, Jains, Buddhists, and Taoists. While in common usage the terms nun and sister are often used interchangeably, in some cases they are differentiated, a nun being a religious female who lives a contemplative cloistered life of prayer and meditation, while a sister, in Christian denominations, lives an active vocation of prayer and service, often to the needy, sick, poor, and uneducated.

With that in mind, the following picture might explain why I suffer from Monachousaphobia –  fear of penguins (maybe):


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18 thoughts on “Monachousaphobia – Fear of Penguins (maybe)”

  1. Bill, Great post, except that I suffer from wordsidontknowhowtopronounceaphobia. The nuns kinda look like Egyptian nuns. I give penguins a hard time…but I’m pretty sure I probably deserved every beating I got. YA HEAR THAT GOD? I DON’T BLAME YOUR PENQUINS ANYMORE! now cut me some slack…WHAT? I DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING….

    1. Now that’s exactly what I was going for in this post. I would never apologize for giving penguins a hard time. Penguins are to nuns what people are to chocolate bars or something.

    1. Bill Y definitely doesn’t want to talk that type of scary because he would never be able to sleep again after it.

  2. I put in 11 years in Catholic school. I knew one nun who looked and acted like she could be capable of growing a beard. She was one of the reasons I transferred to public school in my senior year, although the main reason was because, over the 11 years since First Grade, I had managed to establish myself as the School Outcast. In the bigger public school I could hide better.

    1. Ah but was she a nun or a penguin? The reason I ask, is that there are a lot of similarities between the two! I’m in the middle of an investigation at the moment and my findings are going to challenge perceptions to the max!

  3. Bill, I have to admit I’ve mud wrestled with nuns with better beards or at least they said they were nuns??

    1. I used to wrestle with Nuns on Thursday nights but the whole thing got out of hand and had to be moved to a bigger venue on Saturdays. Now they film the event and sell it on select websites.

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