Never Fear, Mr. On Your Side Call to Action Reporter Is Here! What a Crock…

AngryReporterThere seems to be no shortage of people who get on my nerves. The latest group of buffoons to annoy the hell out of me are the so called On Your Side Call to Action investigative reporters for local TV stations.

What bugs me about some of these pencil-necked twerps is that they often pick on people who are barely eking out a living. I happened to notice a segment the other day where the reporter set up this sting for a city employee who was taking extended naps after lunch. What was this city employee’s job? He collected change out of the parking meters.

Our fearless trench coated and mustached reporter waited for him to be asleep in the parking lot and then walked up to the van, microphone and camera in tow, and pounded on the window asking the startled worker, ”Hey, what do you have to say to the taxpayers who expect you to be working right now?” 

Really? This is the worst “bad guy” they could find? Is this low-income civil servant’s nap the cause of urban decay in our society? Now, was it right for him to be sleeping on the job? Well of course he should have been working. On the other hand did he deserve to be humiliated on TV like some sort of a common criminal? Hell no to that.

Why don’t some of these stud (more like rivet) investigators pick on someone their own size?

How about some of those car lots that have a mission statement built around targeting people with bad credit?

“Bad credit? No credit? Not a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of? No problem! We guarantee you’ll get approved today or we’ll give you a car!”

These types of lots usually juggle an inventory of cars that were obtained with minimal investment to start with. Yes, initially the cars seem cheap and the payments reasonable. However, when you factor in the cost over time of the staggering interest rates these customers get, they are often severely upside down on the loan before they drive it off the lot. If their cards weren’t already maxed out they’d be far better off charging the car on a credit card. Furthermore, even if they don’t pay it off it’s no biggie for the lot because the car just gets repossessed and put right back in the system.

Now can you imagine, out of all the thousands of customers making their way through these types of car mills, not one of them ever felt like they were sweet talked into a bad deal and not one of them ever called one of these On Your Side Call to Action jerk-offs?

I know what I would ask Mr. Call to Action Trench Coat Man. And by the way, these investigative reporters are not the FBI. They have no real authority to get answers about anything.

So, all things being fair I would ask him, “What happens when some of the most financially vulnerable people in our society call you for help after they feel that they might have been hustled into a bad deal from a less than ethical car lot that happens to be among the biggest sources of advertising revenue for your TV station? What kind of On Your Side Call to Action do those poor bastards get?

Yeah, I’m not interested in staying up for the eleven o’clock news to watch one of these simpleton reporters accost some poor corner grocery store owner about his stale cereal.

As far as I am concerned many of these On Your Side Call to Action reporters can take that ever probing microphone and shove it straight up their ass.

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4 thoughts on “Never Fear, Mr. On Your Side Call to Action Reporter Is Here! What a Crock…”

  1. The sad truth is that all news shows are about is entertainment; they don’t seem to care if their reporting is fair, important, or helpful. The most amazing/frustrating thing is that they spend at least as much time telling you what’s coming up later in the broadcast as they do actually talking about the “story”. It’s a clear admission that they DON’T have much to say!

    1. Yes Donna so true they are needed. Some of these local reporters do good work, especially for home owners with bad contractors. On the other hand some are off the hook. Another one that caught my attention was a reporter aggressively questioning a busy bartender about enforcing no smoking laws. Really? This bartender isn’t a good “cop” and deserves to be called out on TV?

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