Portrait of The Hair of The Dog by The Stylist

I’ve never heard the music of Edvard Grieg and I don’t necessarily want to, but that’s neither here nor there and is totally irrelevant to this story. Thinking about it now, I’m not sure why I even mentioned it but I have and it’s out there so let’s just try to be grown-up about it and soldier on like a welder or a solder or something. So there I was, on stage at a gig for the Prevention of Sarcasm Against Penguins and the reality of the situation hit me, the way a taxi driver might deliver the line “I’m not racist myself but what about those Eastern Europeans, coming over here, taking our car spaces and our women?”. I had a solitary joke about a teacher and a school of fish which lasted about a minute. When I used my abacus to subtract one minute from 45 minutes, I was left up the creek with 44 minutes and nothing that could remotely be classed as entertainment. If only Jill Y had asked me to cut the dogs hair, before the gig, I could have easily got 44 minutes of material out of it:


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10 thoughts on “Portrait of The Hair of The Dog by The Stylist”

  1. I’m really jealous you were asked to speak at the Prevention of Sarcasm Against Penguins benefit. They didn’t ask me to speak and really gave me the cold shoulder.


    1. I wouldn’t be too jealous Lisa. I get asked to these things because I say lots of really stupid things that usually end with the law being called. That and the fact that I started the Prevention of Sarcasm Against Penguins group myself because I feel really strongly about it! My other hobbies include my abacus and the number 5,853!

    1. I doubt if anyone can put a price on it. Well, a price with any monetary value anyway!

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