Real Proud

And so we celebrate another day where Bill Y regales another tale of his imaginary son who will not grow up to be a failure. I say this with the type of optimism not seen since the day he wasn’t born in a bed of knowledge and understanding. Real kids can cause real problems. This doesn’t quite happen with imaginary kids and this is why I chose this way of parenting. I’ve never been a big fan of keeping it real and while some say that’s a real shame, I’m really proud right now because of the little dude’s first words:


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4 thoughts on “Real Proud”

  1. Imaginary children don’t require 2:00 AM feedings when they are babies. They will never require babysitters. When they go to an imaginary college, tuition can be paid in imaginary money.

    Bill, I think you are onto something here. If you are not careful, it might catch on. 😉

    1. I’m a strict disciplinarian when it comes to my imaginary kids. Don’t think for one moment, that I won’t leave them in an Uzbekistan prison cell until they learn their lessons! I know this is a different way to make them do their homework but each to their own!

  2. Imaginary kids are great. They only call home from college on their imaginary cell phones to say, “Mom, I have a situation” so that you as an imaginary mom hand the phone to the imaginary dad and say “Handle it.”

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