Seahawks vs Broncos – The Pot Bowl


I’m expecting the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos to meet in the Super Bowl. If they do, you know what this means? Fans from two legalized pot cities will be going at it. I bet one set of fans while watching the game on the Jumbotron in their home stadium will be high… a mile high.

They’ll be a few wacky weed watching parties.  At CenturyLink Stadium in Seattle, home of the Seahawks, fans will be simultaneously loud… and mellow. It’ll be weird.

Even weirder at the Meadowlands: Imagine that, a Super Bowl played in a stadium named after a place where you can grow weed – a meadow. I know, it’s going to blow some of the fans minds. “Hey, man, we’re in the Meadowlands. Might as well…” There could so much marijuana smoke nobody who was in the stadium could pass a workplace drug test the next day. There could be so much smoke, the severed limbs and disassembled body parts of Jimmy Hoffa might come floating out of one of the end zones. They’ll be joking that the guys in the striped suits are the “reeferees.”

At half time, they’ll be singing show tunes… from Oklahoma “There’s a bright yellow haze on the Meadow…”

I know, this is stupid. The NFL is not going to let them smoke at the Super Bowl.  But how are they going to know in 8 degree weather who is smoking and who is just exhaling frosty breath? If the frosty breath catches fire, is that a clue?  So much smoke you’d swear the Bonnaroo Music Fest is at one end of the stadium but it’s so cold the authorities won’t venture five feet from the coffee urn. This very well could become the Pot Bowl.

This may not happen. These two teams may not hook up but if it does the wave could very well include head bobs. Would you like to see that, the wave making its way around and it looks like you got an entire stadium full of bobble heads? Sure, that would be cool. Just as much as a cheering section is trying to cheer your team on and they can’t remember the name of the team “Let’s Goooo, Sea… Sea… Horses. Yeah, that’s it… SeaHorses. Wait a moment. What? The other team is the Horsies.”
                            Stan Silliman humor sports comedy cartoons
What are we saying, that when the quarterback gets sacked two plays in a row, the fans will yell out “Dub sack!” and the other fans will ask “Where, where?” What are we saying, that Brandon Weeden will be in the Super Bowl? Yes, as a spectator. But there is a brand of medical marijuana known as Peyton Manning. One guy we know won’t be playing is Aaron Rodgers… with the Green Bowl Packers.  Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Yeah, we know, the NFL would prefer that weed not be mentioned during their special game. They will hope no back home retailers tie any of their advertising to the game. And, for sure, they don’t want anyone telling us 50 % of NFL players toke up. That’s not the right message. It doesn’t jive with the PR picture they’re trying to promote. It’s just like the swimming community hoping we’ll forget the bong pics of the greatest Olympic swimmer ever.  We expect the NFL hopes the teams in their special game won’t be these two. And, for sure, they don’t need Michael Phelps doing any ads.

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2 thoughts on “Seahawks vs Broncos – The Pot Bowl”

  1. Thanks for ringing in, Mike. Keep those articles coming. The Seahawks and the Broncos? Could happen.

    A friend of mine in Seattle named Kelly Taylor is organizing a Bill Hicks day comedy event. Watch for it. Participate, if possible. I bet they’ll need some funny medics.

  2. Right on man! The Seahawks are going to the Pot Bowl? Whoa, where was I? Is that like…um… before or after the Super Bowl? Or is there gonna be like a Super Pot Bowl? I gotta get some tickets man! Wait…did I get tickets already? No, it was, I GOT a ticket…yea…for going too slow on the freeway. I don’t remember. Anyway, makes me hungry just thinkin about it. Go Seahawks man!

    I heard all the colleges in States that legalized weed are changing the names of their bowl games to things like, the Ganja Bowl, the Bong Bowl, the Doobie Bowl, the Carmel Apple Bowl, the Ice Cream Bowl….whoa, a bowl of ice cream sure sounds good…and a hot dog…maybe some Captain Crunch cereal. What was I talkin about? Oh yea…the Seahawks and pot. Go Seahawks! Where did I put my lighter?

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