Some Expressions Are Always the Same

Crazy manThere are certain unexplainable situations that materialize at just the right instant to produce a consistent and universal blank look. There doesn’t seem to be suitable comments for these awkward moments in time.

Why is it that, every so often, when stopped at a red light someone will pull up next to you in their car and you both will look over at each other at exactly the same moment? I mean like what do you do? You don’t know this person so you can’t exactly say “hi” or wave.  On the other hand you can’t really ignore the occurrence, let’s face it you are both busted. Hence, you share the look.

Did you ever pull open a bathroom door and find someone, well, sitting there? All logic would say that you should at least utter something like, “Why didn’t you lock the door? I presumed nobody was in here.” Instead we might mutter out a weak “sorry” and well, share the look.

There are certain moments that just don’t warrant too much being said or have any collectively accepted gestures to pass them off.

We just share the look.

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