Steps to determine the factual content of a statement.

My friends and I are a gullible collective.  Because we always choose to see the good in people, we believe what we’re told. As you can imagine, this sometimes creates a problem as we don’t know if we’re been told the truth or a complete distortion of the facts. That’s why we only believe stuff that comes from the internet. I mean, if you can’t trust the internet, what’s the point in anything? The process we use is quite simple. When someone tells us something, we use the following chart to find out if it’s on the internet or if it’s a lie:


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4 thoughts on “Steps to determine the factual content of a statement.”

  1. We’re all on the Internet, every one of us humor writers here on this website.

    I guess this means that everything we post is the truth, even when we stretch the truth to get more laughs.

    1. I see you’re approaching this from an existentialism point of view. I have no idea what that means!

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