Super Bowl 48 Has Its Moments




The game wasn’t that close. Still, we have an obligation to our readers to dig out the ironies and other possible funny stuff related or associated with the Super Bowl.


Texas Tech went out of their way to let everyone know three former Red Raiders were starting for the Broncos in the Super Bowl. Chancellor Kent Hance purchased full color ads showing pictures of Wes Welker, Louis Vasquez and Manny Ramirez in USA Today, Denver Post and in newspapers in ten Texas cities.

If you’re like me you turned to your USA Today right about kick off to get the line ups and latest stories when you spot the Texas Tech ad at PRECISELY the exact same time Manny Ramirez is hiking the first snap over Peyton Manning’s head. We imagine Kent Hance is proud of himself, also looking at the ad for a tenth time, when he looks up to see that first snap. You know what we’re imaging him saying, besides rethinking the several million dollars he spent on these ads? “Oh, snap!!” Okay, probably an expletive or two between the “Oh,” and the “Snap.”


These ads all focused on players recruited and coached by Mike Leach who was kicked to curb by Hance. In case you didn’t know, Leach now coaches in the same state occupied by the Seahawks which scored a safety on Ramirez’s bad snap. We expect Leach, also, was looking at the ads and remarked to himself about being doubly unappreciated – players he recruited are being used in an ad paid for with money subtracted from his contract when he was fired. I imagine Leach also said “Oh, Snap,” with even more expletives than Hance.


Seattle revelers took to the streets after the victory. Seattle fans are so passionate, they’re known as the 12th Man. Cars were turned over. Windows on a 100 year old historic pergola at Pioneer Park were broken.  Couches were burning all over the city. Riot police were called out. In a town bubbling over with coffee and marijuana their supposedly sophisticated people couldn’t get any sleep. Even Frasier and Niles had bags under their eyes. They were sleepless in…. something.

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As always, the Super Bowl had its collection of funny and memorable ads. One ad made the twitter sphere explode: Coca Cola’s beautiful rendition of “America the Beautiful” which had verses in eight languages and many immigrants in the scenes.   Come on, bigots, it was the Super Bowl. There weren’t that many native Americans playing. Most of the players had ethnicity originating from other than this continent. Plus, it was Coke, the folks that want to buy the world a drink. Would you have been happier if the song had been sung by polar bears? Last we looked, a lot of polar bears are Canadian. They might have even sang the song in French.

On the ironic ad front, we also spotted Bob Dylan doing a Chrysler ad. Plus, we could understand him and it was patriotic – American cars for America! The times, they are a changing. We heard about this concept… blowing in the wind. Let Asians assemble our phones, let Germans brew our beer, let Americans make our cars… in Detroit… for a company owned by Fiat. Yeah, imported from Detroit! Who better to represent this bowl game, the Pot Bowl, than a brain-addled old hippie who thinks Chrysler is an American company?

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