Tax Preparations Jagoffs


It seems like everywhere I drive, this time of year, there’s someone who has sold their soul to dress as the Statue of Liberty and stand on a street corner or in the middle of the street to attract customers into bringing their tax preparation duties to THEM!!!

To those companies employing the dancing, yelling Statue of Liberty stand-ins…..Do you REALLY think that hiring a local  unshaven person  (including legs),  putting them in a $2.78 Statue of Liberty suit, along with the $10 (Times Square fair market NYC value) Statue of Liberty foamy crown and then have them yell or spin a sign, while the wind blows the Statue of Liberty “robe” up over their belly so that we can see their jeans, instills confidence in ME that I should pick up the phone and call YOU to do my taxes?  Save the, costumed characters and sign spinners for hoagie sales,  Ya Jagoffs!

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6 thoughts on “Tax Preparations Jagoffs”

  1. I would have a tough time filing taxes with someone in a costume too unless it was Batman or Superman. I would think they could take the IRS. Maybe there should be an accountant superhero!

    1. Haaa Batman and Robin would probably climb up the side of IRS building with a rope to see the agent! lol. Thanks very much for reading and commenting!

  2. LOL yeah, last year we had one of these guys, looked like he just got out of prison standing there in that statue of liberty suit smoking a cigarette. Woo doggy let’s get us some taxes did!

    1. lol. Exactly. Seriously, I would do anything to feed my kids, even this, if I had to but… I would at least shave and bathe! Thanks for reading my post.

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