The Primary Problem


Perhaps you saw the photos online. Following the State Of The Union address, Republicans trampled over each other to get their pictures taken with Willie from Duck Dynasty. My favorite is the one with Lindsey Graham (above). Lindsey looks like he just got back from a drink-heavy lunch at the country club and decided to take a picture with his lawn boy.

The American flag headband is confounding, because I thought it was a no-no to desecrate the Stars and Stripes. Remember the days of yore, when we argued over a proposed anti flag-burning amendment to the Constitution? I think we might be coming full circle on that – given the grease and grime accumulating on Willie’s ever-present flag-band, the only responsible way to dispose of it down the road will be to burn it. Anything less will constitute a health-hazard.

But here’s what I think Lindsey is doing in this photo – he’s attempting to connect with “the common man.” That, or he’s copping a feel, but Willie thinks it’s his wife’s wandering hand on his butt-cheek. But what if Willie was secretly plotting to mount a primary challenge against Senator Graham?

I’d kill to see Lindsey Graham wearing hip-waders and camos, clutching a big-ass gun in a swamp while he tries to butch up his image. That’d make all this Duck Dynasty fakery completely worth it.

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3 thoughts on “The Primary Problem”

  1. A lot of quackery from this crew! Why were these people invited? making duck calls and spouting bigoted rhetoric gets you invited to the State of the Union? Why is anyone Hollywood there?

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