The Search

Jill Y’s grandmother’s best friend Lisa was telling us a story about the time she went to see Miles Davis play in 1958. As she was telling the story, she was reliving every moment in vivid detail and we were hanging on every word she was saying. She made it sound like the best concert ever and with the groundbreaking inventiveness and genre defining styles of the music of Miles Davis, I’m sure it was. As the concert ended, Lisa left the venue and saw a man get hit on the head with a tomato. Although she only saw him briefly, she looked at him and thought she would like to spend the rest of her life with this man. A moment later he was gone and she never saw him again. Jill Y and I were really touched by the story so we decided we would try to find her tomato man through the medium of the small ad:


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10 thoughts on “The Search”

  1. This raises so many questions:

    1. What if it wasn’t a tomato? What if it was a pomegranate?

    2. What if two different guys got hit in the head with a tomato back in the 1950s? How would Lisa know which one was HER guy?

    3. What if you find the right guy and he can’t stand Lisa?

    I’ll stop here.

    1. As usual Kathy, you ask all the right questions. Let’s take them in the order that you asked them:

      1. Lisa is the 2nd most learned person on the planet when it comes to recognizing a tomato.

      2. Although it’s possible that two different guys got hit on the head with a tomato back in the 190s, it is highly unlikely and Lisa is very much a gambler so I think she’ll play the odds.

      3. Lisa is adorable and everyone loves her. If it just so happened that her tomato man didn’t like her, we send in Sugartastic Daddy John to diffuse the situation and believe me, The Daddy knows how to get things done!

    1. Would you believe that one person actually said we hadn’t got a hope of finding him! Talk about a defeatist attitude!

  2. Just look for the old guy who seems a bit seedy, get it seedy like in tomato seeds . . . jeez, tough crowd!

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