Things That Matter

In November Rand Paul was accused of plagiarism. The Rachel Maddow Show claimed that Mr Paul borrowed ideas for a speech from a variety of sources without full attribution. Apparently, Rand Paul borrowed four lines from a Wikipedia page.

Mr Paul responded the way a frustrated You Tube sensation seeking legitimacy would, calling Maddow a “hater.” It is exchanges like this that keep reminding me that I live in The Greatest Nation On Earth.

But this episode did raise the valid question of what constitutes plagiarism. Is it just written ideas, or could plagiarism include expressions as well? Because I think I’ve discovered what might be another instance of plagiarism for our “thought leaders” to argue about.

Has this man:



stolen something created by this man?:



This issue needs to be addressed. Right now. The long-term unemployed won’t mind waiting a bit longer.

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  1. If the first dude was wearing the second dude’s suit, that was earn a certain amount of respect.

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