Time Out at the Buck Knuckle Saloon

1524903_782651121751631_1661251452_aIt’s a mystery. Madam and I have somehow morphed from Urban Prince and Princess into Outward Bound trail guides shoveling our way through western Wisconsin.

It all started innocently enough, a short break on a friend’s dairy farm where we planned to care for all pets large and small. Well, actually we just tend to the horses and companion animals. The cattle provide their own management team.

Day one, it started to snow. Then the wind started to blow, occasionally at 50 miles per hour. Day two delivered more snow. And so it went for the first five days. This series of events resulted in a rash of bad driving on Madam’s part. Not only has she run her John Deere gator into the lilac bushes and into her friend’s fish pond, this morning she managed to auger the John Deere into the ditch. Actually, this might have been a stroke of good luck, as she had become an occupational hazard to the guys plowing around the barns.

So, yesterday Madam set out on a grocery run. After an hour long meander down County Road 88, she gave up trying to locate a Festival Foods and nipped into the Fountain City Kwik Trip for eggs and milk.

No groceries meant no cooking, at least for Madam. Hence, she plans to join her brother for dinner tonight at the Buck Knuckle Saloon. It’s a guess whether they will be serving buck or knuckle, but at least it will get Madam out of the gator and off the property. That leaves me in peace to enjoy an evening watching Animal Planet.

Incidentally, the attached sign greets Buck Knuckle Saloon guests at front door.







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3 thoughts on “Time Out at the Buck Knuckle Saloon”

  1. I am going to say this but don’t get scared. Your pictures remind me of the scenes from The Shining where everything is snowed in and the family can’t get out of the hotel. Okay, I know it’s a farm and there are others around but still… Stay warm Mary!!!

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