Trysting By The Pool

Thirsty Dave wondered. He didn’t know who to complain to, so he wondered some more. He went up to the lifeguard and started giving him verbal. Ever since Ringworm Rhonda gave birth to their daughter, he was a father. He never wanted to be a daddy but there’s an old saying from where I’m from that says “babies are made”. The reason he was grumbling with the lifeguard was that his little bundle of joy was conceived in the pool area and the thirsty one felt that someone should have stopped him and Ringworm from rocking back and forth by the pool. The lifeguard wasn’t having any of it and just kept pointing to the sign:


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10 thoughts on “Trysting By The Pool”

  1. In my day the only things you had to worry about were the slobs who peed in the pool and keeping away from some jerk about to dive onto your head.

  2. I used to get a swollen stomach from the chlorine in the pool. I’d suck in fumes because I was bad at breathing when doing laps. Bet that’s what happened to this gal and she’s conning Senor Thirsty.

    1. I’ve spent the day singing that song in work and now they just don’t think I’m cool anymore!

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