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Author Tips

Author Tips


When you are ready to post, go to the right hand side of any page and you will see “control panel”. Click on write and that will start a new post.  Be sure to check appropriate categories, this will help readers find content they will enjoy reading. Do not check too many categories (more than 4 is probably too many). Use appropriate tags as these will help search engines. The founder of the Lawn Mower Racing Association found this post within 2 days of being posted.

Images in Posts:

If you want to put an image in your post, click the image icon which is the first icon on the left under the tool bar in the posting section.  Click the icon after you put in the text.  Upload your image.  Make sure you put in a caption. In the description block, put in your copyright information.  Click None on Link URL if you do not want the image to become a link.  Alignment allows you to select where you want the image in your post.  Keep the size at Medium and then click “Insert into post” and hit the Save the Changes button.

Custom Author Byline:

Some user sign-ins are not their name. When you post, your sign-in name becomes the byline. If you want to use a pen name, write the name you want to use in the Custom Author Byline box at the bottom of the post.

Editing a post after publishing:

After you write a post, you can preview it first before publishing.  To edit after a preview, go to your dashboard and hit Posts on the left hand side of the page. All your posts will show up. Click on the post you want to edit and mouse over the edit button and click it.  When you have completed your edits, hit update button on the right.  If a published post has an error, you can follow the same procedure to make changes.

HTML Editing:

The WordPress standard entry / edit interface allows authors to insert and edit HTML. If you know what you are doing this is a good way to get other links / images etc. in your posts. Please be very careful because this is also a way for a site to wind up with malicious code on it. Introduction of malicious code can result in termination of author privileges.