HumorOutcasts Press  launched HumorOutcasts Press with it first book Try and Avoid the Speed Bumps by Donna Cavanagh back in 2012. Our goal with HumorOutcasts Press has always been to help authors get their books to print and kindle without the need for a traditional publisher.

When we started HumorOutcasts Press, we thought that we would concentrate our efforts on humor writers; however, as more authors approached us, we realized we needed to open our doors to all genres. So, we added Shorehouse Books to our publishing family to accommodate non-humor authors. In the Fall of 2016, we will add Corner Office Books as well. No matter what your genre, we have you covered…so to speak!

Authors can submit their EDITED manuscripts to If accepted, we will work with the author to determine a publishing schedule. Our services are all-inclusive which means we will format the book, design a cover using one of our award-winning designers, obtain the ISBN numbers, pay for expanded distribution and publish it in both print and kindle versions approximately three weeks before scheduled publication date to ensure we get preliminary promotion competed. We will do your book your way. We do not want to interfere with your writing inspiration; we just want to help you realize your goals. This is how we work:

Author Services

HumorOutcastsPress/ShorehouseBooks provides independent publishing with a traditional flair. Our goal as an imprint publishing house is to form a partnership with authors so they can realize their publishing dream whatever the genre.

Publishing with HumorOutcasts Press/Shorehouse Books

We have experienced a great deal of growth since our debut book in 2012.  We have more than 40 titles that include fiction, non-fiction, memoir, mystery, horror, humor, history and politics. If you are a humor author, your book will be under the HumorOutcasts Press (HOPress) label. If you are non-humor author, your work will be under the Shorehouse Books label or our new label, Corner Office Books.  Since our inception, our goal has been to deliver a high-quality product at an affordable price for authors.

While each author might have different needs, our average price for a publishing package (formatting, cover design, set up on Createspace, ISBN number purchasing, marketing and promotion) is $3,000 with a 50-50 percent royalty fee split. We offer payment plans that do require a minimum $500 non-refundable deposit. For authors who prefer to do a one-time payment, we offer a $500 discount with a total cost of $2500.

If you need an editor, we can offer you names and referrals or you can choose one of your own. Our recommended editors come with years of book/publishing experience.  Editing is at the author’s expense and not part of the package.

**Authors are not required to buy any books or inventory any of their books.

We look at each author as our partner, and we invite authors to participate in the marketing process so that we can develop marketing and promotional strategies to reach both traditional media outlets as well as online outlets and readers.

For more detailed information about pricing and royalty structure, contact or



Formatting Services:

If you are an independent author who does not want to tackle the challenges of formatting a book for print and ebook,you can leave the technical work to us. We will prepare your book for publication and upload your files under your publishing name. For pricing information on formatting books of all genres, contact  If you need marketing and promotion, we can incorporate these services with formatting into one package

Marketing and Promotion Services

If you are an author who is in need of some promotional assistance, contact us. We will help you find outlets for your book and work to get the word out with press releases, blog tours and podcast “appearances.” We will also work with you to plan events in your local area that will attract readers and potential book buyers. Contact for a personalized marketing and promotion plan.

Some of our testimonials:

What as HumorOutcasts Press done for me?  It’s pretty simple, they took my creativity and focused it. Their press took my words and made a book out of it. Their site allowed me to find a voice and backers who told me to put up or shut up and then gave me the means to do so. In the past six months, I’ve become a published author and I’m no longer just a dialogue whore who writes for other people’s films. I’m now a filmmaker. And I owe most of that success to Donna and Ed of HumorOutcasts.

Jason Elia – Elliston


One of the most difficult things to find as a writer is some magical person to stand in your corner and say – keep going – you’re amazing – this is going to be great. I found that magical person and her name is Donna Cavanagh. Together with HumorOutcasts Press – Donna has managed to build a publishing house that is not only talented in what they do but supportive of the authors they represent. Whether she’s talking me off a ledge about book sales or simply telling me to calm the f**k down – Donna is a publisher who just happens to be part psychiatrist and part cheerleader. She’s like having your own personal Word Mom. In a day where my dog can publish a book as easily as I can – having Donna Cavanagh and HumorOutcasts Press behind you – is like having a very sweet and smart 500-pound gorilla push you through the clutter of the book world and then give you a hug.

Executive Producer/comedy writer Heidi Clements, Author Welcome to Heidi    


Signing on with HumorOutcasts Press was an experiment for me. I had never published with an imprint publishing company before.  But five minutes after meeting Donna Cavanagh, I knew I wanted to work with her. She is, like me, optimistic and patient. She is enthusiastic, determined  and knowledgeable when it comes to promoting her authors. Most important for me, she is a fellow humorist so I know she understands my writing world. I look forward to more books and projects with Donna and HumorOutcasts Press. 

Roz Warren, author of Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Collection of Library Humor


As an author with a mixed history of publishing experiences, I offer the highest praise for publisher Donna Cavanagh and Shorehouse Books. Donna’s industry knowledge, patience, and genuine advocacy for her authors have made my publishing journey with her a real joy.  I can’t wait to get started on the next project!

Mary I. Farr, author of The Promise in Plan B: What We Bring To The Next Chapter In Our Lives and Never Say Neigh: An Adventure in Fun, Funny And The Power of Yes.   


Writing a book had been a lifelong dream of mine.  With Donna Cavanagh’s help that dream became a reality.  She was there with endless encouragement for the entire process. Anytime I had a question or just felt general anxiety concerning my book, Donna always had an answer and a kind word.  Once the book became published, Donna relentlessly marketed it.   Her knowledge of publishing and passion for the craft has taught me so much.  In a digital  world that is slowly changing and the big boys of the entertainment distributions are slowing losing their stronghold,  I foresee Donna Cavanagh and Humoroutcast Press  becoming the new model of publishing.

Comedian Robin Savage, Author Stand Up and be a Lady    


I’ve been overwhelmingly pleased with my relationship with Donna Cavanagh. She has been caring, concerned that our novel was portrayed with its true intentions in every respect. She didn’t care about length or word count, she cared about integrity of the work. She also gave us great insights, which we took to heart, and was so supportive in every aspect of how the novel reached the public. On top of this, Donna is hilarious, keeping us laughing constantly! Shorehouse is a nurturing, supportive company that makes a novelist proud to release their work to the public.

 Deborah Fezelle, Co-Author The Evil That Men Do and A Walking Shadow

 Donna and Ed at Shorehouse Books are the best! My co-writer and I were dealing with a lengthy manuscript when it came to THE EVIL THAT MEN DO, and we didn’t want to cut the heart out of it to fit the standards of a traditional house. Donna and Ed, worked tirelessly with us to find the perfect font, readable but compact enough to make the print novel a reality. Donna is also a force in social media and the most engaging of radio interviewers, enthusiastic, on point, and personable. Most of all, Shorehouse supports its authors, and I regard it as the perfect home for EVIL and its coming sequel, A WALKING SHADOW.

Sherry Yanow, Co-Author The Evil That Men Do and A Walking Shadow

For more authors go to our HOPress Testimonial page







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