Cathy Sikorski Memoir Proves Humor’s Healing Power Even in the Most Difficult Circumstances

A caregiver requires a steady hand, nerves of steel and, as Cathy Sikorski proves, a well-developed sense of humor.  In her first book, a memoir entitled Showering With Nana: Confessions of a Serial Killer…Caregiver (HumorOutcasts […]

Actions speak louder …

The Public Health Act of 1875 was written in words but sometimes words can’t quite express what we want to express. Is Jill Y happy with imaginary kids? I think so. Does she hanker for […]

Always Under-Promise.

Jill Y looked terrified when she first unwrapped her birthday present but when she opened the box and seen what was inside, she asked me to marry her:

A Little Something.

The image below is a little something called:   “Imagination”.   The image below that is a little something called:   “Reality”.

Friday Humor Devotional

Dear Lord, please forgive me for my outbreak of foul language.  When my sexy neighbor asked if I’d like him to mow my lawn I shrieked, “The only person who mows my F$#@*%&G lawn is […]