CandylandTM to be Theme of Poway’s New Modern Art Museum

All Poway, California is buzzing with excitement. In just three month’s the town’s new in its tiara, the $188.2 million CowboyMetrics Museum will open. No one is prouder than museum curator, “Tex” Roland. “I’m just […]

Have You Seen This Bunny? The FBI Needs Your Help

The FBI is looking for this Hare in connection with a grisly murder of a group of health food nuts who have campaigned to have traditional Easter basket treats replaced with healthy food alternatives and […]

A Raider By Any Other Name

I just read and I quote: “Indiana Gov. Mike Pence on Thursday signed into law revisions in the state’s divisive Religious Freedom Restoration Act aimed at removing fears that it would allow businesses to discriminate […]

Thirsty Dave Defines His Career Path.

They laughed at Thirsty Dave when he said he wanted to be Ronnie McDonald but he had insider information: