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Skyperactive Divas

November 8, 2012


This week on ADHDivas…

Lisa’s leavin’ on a jet plane…
don’t know when she’ll be back again…
oh babe, she hates to go…

Not really…

She’s off to sunny LA where she is one of the writers on a new Disney show called Crash and Bernstein



So while we’re skyping it in…

it seems our oldest kids are phoning it in…

at school, anyway…



And with Lisa in Hollywood, Wendy is her stunt double during her ongoing home remodel…

here she is  pretending to like the Packers —–>>>



Lisa K. Nelson

Sitcom writer (Ellen, Suddenly Susan, Everybody Loves Raymond) who quit to raise three kids (initially adorable, currently insolent). Flight risk. Turn-ons: The Green Bay Packers, Bob Newhart, real butter. Turn-offs: Myself in the vanity mirror in broad daylight (Why do I keep looking?). Also the hyper half of ADHDivas -- coping, commiseration and comedy for parents of ADHD kids.

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