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The first step to becoming a writer at HumorOutcasts.com is to register as a subscriber and then send Donna@HumorOutcasts.com a note saying you registered.  Sorry, for the extra step, but we took off automatic verification as it led to SPAM for our writers. Make sure you post a great bio. Our site visitors love to read bios.   We are always looking for quality humor writers, and we open up the doors to writers about three times per year. We are a submission site which means writers must be accepted by our editing staff. We limit writers so that we can promote everyone as we want. If we have too many writers, we cannot do that.

If you would like your work to be considered, send samples to Donna@Humoroutcasts.com. Please don’t just send links. Put the post in your email and to make a good impression, edit your work. You will be notified if your work is accepted and then you will receive contributor or author status.  As of now, this is a non-paying site, which is why we do so much promotion for each writer. You retain all rights to your original work and are free to publish elsewhere.

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