Crazy Billy: The Shrink Who’s Shrinking Prices

Come on down, I’m Crazy Billy, the shrink who’s shrinking prices.  I treat psychotics, neurotics, schizophrenics, ADD, OCD, manic depressives, kleptomaniacs, pyromainacs, nymphomaniacs, and especially psycho-sexual disorders, all for one low low price: $19.99.  And with our revolutionary new auto-massage-self medication-electroshock therapy, we make you feel better about you in just fifteen seconds, and if you’re not completely satisfied, I’ll come to your house and wash your car.  How do I do it?  Volume volume volume.  Why do I do it?  I’m INSAAAAAANE!


David Henry Sterry is the author of 16 books, including Hos, Hookers, Call Girls and Rent Boys: Professionals Writing on Life, Love, Money and Sex, which appeared on the front cover of the Sunday New York Times Book Review.  His new book Chicken Self:-Portrait of a Man for Rent, 10 Year Anniversary Edition, has been translated into 10 languages.  He is a finalist for the Henry Miller Award. He can be found at  Http://

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3 thoughts on “Crazy Billy: The Shrink Who’s Shrinking Prices”

  1. They call me Crazy Bill Y too but that’s only because they know me. Welcome to the show.

  2. Wow, all those disorders cured for only $19.00! If I act now can I get the second set of disorders for free and then cured for free?? 🙂 Funny stuff! Welcome aboard David!

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