If Blake Griffin Was Poeticized by Maya Angelou

She was one of a kind, along with Dylan, the best poet of our times. This is my homage to Maya Angelou from a sports event in 2011:

If Maya Angelou Poeticized Griffin’s
47 Point MLK Day Outburst

What would MLK Day be without a Maya Angelou poem? Can you imagine?

Neither can we, so we tried finding her to see if she would set Blake Griffin’s 47 points of Pacer punishment to poetry.

We couldn’t locate her, leaving us to replicate what we think she might produce.

Actually we don’t even know if she’s a Clippers fan. We’re hoping when she sees his video she’ll get on the Blakewagon.

Still Blake Rises
You may write him down in history
The young man with saucer eyes
You may try your best to hold him down
But still, like Zeus, he’ll rise.

Does his zest-for-game upset you?
The excitement in his eyes?
For his legs they bounce like piston rods
Earth-bounding him…not wise.

The Pacers tried to curb his spirit
Try Granger on, for size
“Dunk-you-very-much” the Griff replied
Hurried, for he will rise.

“We’ll give him room” the Pacers thought
For want not be posterized
“No problems there,” the Blake declared
“Just watch my scoring rise.”

Fade aways, fade aways
The nets, they splashed most often
It was jumper after jumper
Griffin’s game they could not soften.

Between the legs he dazzled them
Spinning away from opposition
“Do you mind picking up your jock?
You’re embarrassing your position.”

If Maya Angelou Poeticized Griffin's 47 Point MLK Day Outburst  by Stan Silliman humor sports comedy cartoons articles

Does my Blakiness offend you?
Cause I’m a rookie in your eyes?
Mister Tar Heel Hans-bo-rough?
Don’t wail. Can’t handle grown-man cries.

“You can’t stop me with your words
You can’t block my path of flight
You’re Earth bound when you’re playing me
Don’t pout, you know I’m right”

Posey, Foster, old birds be you
You can’t defend young Griffin
You try, we know, your minds say so
But your bodies…they all stiffen.

Lay-ups instead of monster dunks
Matters not for how Blake scores
He drops in nineteen out of twenty-four
Leaving Pacers with major sores.

Trying to hold down young Blake Griffin
Is like a burger without fries
The laws of nature, you cannot change
He’ll rise, he’ll rise, he’ll rise!

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