Need a Christmas or Holiday Gift: HO HO HO to the rescue: Part I

Another holiday season is upon us, and there is no better gift than a good book.  Don’t know which book to buy? Well, here are some great books(kindles too) from HOPress-ShorehouseBooks authors and our author friends. This is Part I of IV so get ready to learn about these talented writers and their work that is published and upcoming books in 2015.

Divorce After Death: A Widow’s Memoir  by  Concha Alborg didn’t think that anything could hurt her more than the death of her husband from cancer, but hours after his death she learned how wrong she was. Within days of being made a widow, this Spanish College Professor discovered that her marriage and her husband were not what she had envisioned. With a unique point of view, due to her bi-cultural background, and a self-deprecating humor, she takes us on a personal journey. Her strength and determination to build a new life led her down a path that allowed her to reject the veil of widowhood and instead embrace a life of happiness, love and acceptance.


A Canine’s Guide to the Good Life by Donna Cavanagh (really by Frankie and LuLu with Donna Cavanagh) You’ll love this short tail-wagging tale from two pooches who’ve been around the block with and without a leash. Frankie and LuLu tell it like it is when it comes to reining in an owner and getting the upper paw. You’ll smile, you’ll cringe and you just might bark out loud as these two intuitive mutts demonstrate that you don’t need a pedigree to be top dog.


Welcome to Heidi by Heidi Clements If you ever wondered what 50 would look like on a former alcoholic tattooed shoe addict who eats cake out of her garbage can and secretly prays to her vagina to die on a regular basis – well wonder no more and Welcome to Heidi. This collection of stories culled from over 300 blogs and rewritten for your pleasure will take readers on a journey they never expected and perhaps never knew they wanted to go on.

From dating, to how to tame Jewish hair, getting a pot license at 52, and surviving what is perhaps the worst Hollywood job ever – Welcome To Heidi will remind you to laugh at life’s most inane moments – even when those moments are happening to you.

Welcome To Heidi says everything you wish you could say but can’t and proves that having it all is possible – as long as the “all” is shoes. Take a trip inside the mind of a sarcastic, dysmorphic, slightly mental, completely fashion addicted, single woman who’s trying to live the second half of her life with zero apologies and massive debt.

Welcome to Heidi – you’ll never want to leave.


Scripture Scribbles: Cartoons from the Choir Loft by Phillip Dillman Phillip Dillman is a man of faith, music and cartoons. Each Sunday, Dillman sings in his church choir and sketches cartoons about the day’s sermon. Dillman’s scripture scribbles, which are conceptualized and drawn in a span of about 15 minutes, add a humorous twist and perhaps a bit more appreciation to the traditional Bible stories. In case you might think this is a heretical work, think again as the foreword was written by Dillman’s pastor.


Elliston by Jason Elia  Elliston is an absurd novella based in the myth of song and the horror of reality. Elliston tells the story of the formation and implosion of an audacious and critically acclaimed band. This is the cocaine-riddled tale of one of the first bands of the pseudo famous Nashville indie rock scene, detailed in sex, drugs and lies re-branding the city of country through the bloodshot eyes of its elitist rockers.

Under the name of S.A. Mills, Jason also wrote Stories We Tell.  Generations of the Sedler family possessed gifts that some admired but many feared. While some of the rural Tennessee community in which they lived, stayed away from the close knit clan, others embraced them and welcomed them into their homes and their own family circles. No matter how the Sedlers tried to control the gift that coursed through their bloodline, they could not. Evil shadowed them waiting for its chance to destroy anyone they loved. After decades of hurt and pain, it is up to Grace, one of the last of the Sedler line, to finally defeat the evil and give her family, both living and dead, the freedom and peace they craved.

StoriesFrontCover-smallelliston cover












Always, Montana by Deb Martin-Webster Always, Montana is the sequel to the popular western romance Love, Montana. In this installment, author Deb Martin-Webster reacquaints the reader with the characters who weaved the story of Rose and Joe, an epic love that could not be diminished even by death. She also introduces us to new characters who come into Rose’s world and turn it upside down. Twists and turns abound in this tale about the famous Montana Joe and his high-spirited family.

always montana


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