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DrMikeHarrisauthorcentralphotoThis week’s show was fascinating. I talked with Dr. Michael Harris author of Winning A Debate With An Israel-Hater: How To Effectively Challenge Anti-Israel Extremists In Your Neighborhood (Shorehouse Books, 2015) which is available on Amazon in paperback and print.  The book has garnered a great deal of attention and positive press. We will also be doing a part II of this interview on Dec. 9th. 

Dr. Michael Harris is one of the founders of San Francisco Voice for Israel, which is now the Bay Area chapter of StandWithUs. Founded in 2004, SF Voice for Israel has countered anti-Israel demonstrations, to provide the public and the media with an alternative to the lies being promoted by organizations such as International ANSWER and Jewish Voice for Peace. It has also done proactive public outreach at community events and brought pro-Israel speakers to the Bay Area.  As part of StandWithUs, founded in 2001, the group is now part of a worldwide Israel education organization with chapters across the US as well as in Europe and Australia.

In his role with the group, Dr. Harris has made appearances on radio shows (both in the US and in Israel) and television news reports as a local spokesperson,countering misinformation about Israel. He’s given speeches to large groups at synagogues, churches, political organizations and senior citizen centers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, he’s been in the trenches, standing up for Israel against anti-Israel demonstrators on the streets of San Francisco and Oakland for nearly a decade.  In his spare time, he is a pediatrician in Marin County, California.


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Dr. Michael Harris

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  1. I accuse them of imperialism. When Americans want to tell a smaller country what policies they should follow it is outright imperialism. “Imperialism” appears only in the left’s vocabulary, so they have no defenses and aren’t prepared for it. Needless to say it doesn’t change anyone’s mind because they are prejudiced not principled. But it provides a stumbling block for them.

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