In Today’s Enlightened Society, Sucker MCs Still An Unfortunate Target of Bullying

Sucker MC

With many formerly oppressed groups finally gaining crucial civil rights, one group seems to stand alone as still being an acceptable target for ridicule. Rightly so, discrimination against racial minorities, women, gays, lesbians, transgender persons, vegetarians, nerds, and the homeless are no longer tolerated in society. But for far too long, sucker MCs have been the butt of jokes, ridicule, and degradation based purely on some poorly chosen rhymes.

Sucker MCs, also disparagingly referred to as “sucka MCs,” have long tried to make an honest living, but have been demeaned at every turn by more popular masters of rhyme.

Sucker MC

Struggling Rapper Bill Preston of Haymarket, Virginia:

“Run DMC, The Sugarhill Gang, Wu-Tang Clan, Ice-T, Beastie Boys, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Big Daddy Kane, and LL Cool J are just a handful of the performers who have made their name humiliating us. Even Vanilla Ice. Vanilla fucking Ice! When it’s acceptable to be ridiculed by Vanilla Ice, something has to be done legislatively.”

So far Preston has had no luck in finding a legislative sponsor to spearhead this drive for sucker MC rights. A large part of the problem seems to be an unwillingness for sucker MCs to identify themselves as such. But Preston proudly accepts his status.

“You don’t like my rhymes? That’s your loss. I order Chinese food with extra duck sauce.”

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  1. I was forced to give up my turntables, adidas suits and kangols bcuz of the lack of acceptance in society….now I dont have time to spread my rhymes cuz they’ll give ya bitter beer face like suckin on a lemon not lime

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