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A List Of Future Books Titles That Ann Coulter Plans

November 4, 2017

Ann Coulter, that famous extreme right wing author and the wicked witch of the North East That Baum didn’t write so much about in his Oz books is forever coming out with new literary tirades against those who, unlike herself, are not raised in families where you are constantly batted over the head with conservative ideals.

She believes that everyone should be like herself: demeaning, mean spirited, acid blooded, pale and fascist. Her main claim to fortune is the ability to every year or so come out with another book warning the world of how there are liberals around much like bedbugs in your mattress out to suck every drop of blood in your veins until you are a withered, dried up corpse, much like Ms. Coulter herself.

Every book is emblazoned with a title worthy of the best of the damnation preaching fundamentalist preachers there are such as How To Talk To A Liberal If You Must, Godless, Treason, all superimposed over a photo of the vampirish Miss Ann herself.

We have acquired a list of her future book projects that she has planned to write:

The Only Good Liberal Is A Dead Liberal

True Conservatism- You’re Either With Us or Against Us!

Liberals- You Can’t Live With ‘Em And You Can’t Live With ‘Em!

Conservatives- We Own America!

Andre Brevik- Groundbreaking New Tactics In Dealings With The Left.

How To Get Through Life Using Only The Right Side Of Your Brain.

Hitler- How The Left Succeeded In Making Him Look Bad.

Karl Rove- Hey Ladies, The New Example Of A Real Man!.

Liberals- Why Concentration Camps Were Not Such A Bad Idea After All.

Might Makes Right- An Idea That Needs To Be Brought Back.

There Are Some Good Things About Slavery.

Libraries- A Socialist Idea Gone Wrong.

The Patriotism Of Money; The More You Have, The More American You Are.

Torture At Guantanamo- A New Art Form.

What Good Is Land You Can’t Dig Under? The Real Reason The Left Supports National Parks.

Ronald Reagan- Why He Should Be Canonized.

Right Wing Dictatorships I Have Adored.

Invading Other Countries- A Truly American Right.

Jeb Bush- The Next Step In The Bush Dynasty (or The Third Try Is The Charm)

Why Allowing Guns Of Mass Destruction Is Good For Us All.

Dick Cheney- When Being A ‘Behind The Scenes’ Dictator Works

How To Make Lots Of Money Putting Down People Not Like Yourself.



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