Inauguration Day

Hey Gang,

As you know, we will be celebrating two men of color this week, a black man on Monday and on Friday, an orange man.  I have often been asked about my politics, to which I reply:  I always endorse the honest and caring candidate, so naturally I have never supported any politician.

Politics are funny. You have to get voted in by the very people who you will be working for. It’s like being hired at a fast food restaurant by hungry people and then spending your term trying to sneak the fries home.

I hear this year’s inauguration will be filled with bands and music.  Most of the musicians performing I either haven’t heard of or listened to their music in a long time.  It should be fun, like a live K-tel commercial.

The good thing about this election is that all the people who were mad the last 8 years will be happy and all the people who were happy the last 8 years will be mad.  It’s like a teeter totter of contempt in a playground that used to be beautiful.

Have a fun next week, gang!

Cathy Gainer Corporate Trainer

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