Podcast “If I Could Mend Your Heart” by Mary Farr

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“If I Could Mend Your Heart” by Mary Farr
Podcast Interview

This past week I had the pleasure of interviewing Mary Farr. Her book, “If I Could Mend Your Heart,” deals with the subject of managing grief. This sorrow can be due to the loss of life but also any event or circumstance which heavily impacts our lives.

Even though this is a difficult theme this is not a depressing podcast and this is not a sad book. Rather, Mary explains that often times carving out an alternative and positive path in life can be a part of how we manage the trials and tribulations that we all experience.

You can find the book here from Shorehouse Books on Amazon.

The podcast is playable right here on HumorOutcasts or for those of you who regularly listen to podcasts the episode is also available under “Billy Dees” on iTunes Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and nearly all of the other major podcast/internet radio platforms for your favorite streaming device or mobile app.

We would encourage you to leave a comment about the podcast, book, or the subject of grief itself in the comment section.

Thanks to all of you and happy listening.

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