HumorOutcasts Radio Interviews with Michael B. Solomon and Kay Raga from NAMI

Our podcast this time around deals heavily with the subject of mental illness and fighting stigma. We have two interviews on tap for you in this episode. First, we talk with Michael B. Solomon who is the subject and one of the authors of “It Comes from Within: Living with Bipolar Illness.” The book was co-written with Gloria Hochman. Second, we talk with Kay Raga representing the NAMI (National Association on Mental Illness) organization.

The process of reading Michael’s book and reviewing material with Kay about the NAMI group was a very rewarding and educational experience for me. I would certainly expect the same experience for other readers and listeners of our podcast as well.

Michael B. Solomon

I interviewed Mike over the phone and he not only talked about the book but gave us much insight into his evolving experience with bipolar illness through the years. It is a personal journey of trials and tribulations to be sure but also one of triumph and perseverance. His gentle personality comes forth very much in this interview and lends the podcast a heartwarming tone and a message of much hope.

I talked with Kay with a mobile recording set up on location at the NAMI office in Canton, Ohio. Kay not only has a wealth of knowledge and experience in regard to the services of the NAMI organization but also has a great audio voice that lends itself to the stylings of NPR. Her cadence and sense of purpose will draw you into the subject matter.

Billy Dees with Kay Raga from NAMI

I would strongly encourage everyone to give this podcast episode a listen. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to work on this project. My very special thanks to Michael B. Solomon, Kay Raga and Donna Cavanagh.

For more information about the National Alliance on Mental Illness please go to

For your convenience the podcast interview is available below at the bottom of this post. The interview is also available on most of the major podcasting platforms including iTunes (Apple Podcasts) and iHeartRadio under “Billy Dees.”  (Available on Alexa devices as well.)

The episode is titled on these services as:

HumorOutcasts Radio – Michael B Solomon and Kay Raga from NAMI

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